Sunday, February 6, 2011

Decorating for Mardi Gras

Finished decorating for Mardi Gras at my mother's house today.  I am in LOVE with colorful mesh.  It's so easy to work with and you really can't make a mistake with it.  I my mesh from Red Door Interiors - it's incredibly cheap - $6.95/roll any size, color, all the time. 

First the outside of the house.

For the gas lamps, I started with a few loops of the purple mesh tied them in the center.  Then a two loops of the green mesh and four loops of the smaller yellow mesh.  Tied  purple, green and gold ornaments together with twist ties and attached them to the center of the bow. 

For the arch way, I used a large roll of purple mesh and large roll of green mesh.  I just tied the two together to create bundles of color.  Then I made little bunches lof yellow mesh and tied them at each of bunched areas. 


Then we attached all the ornaments, masks, etc. that we could find.

Inside, we hung fleur de lis ornaments from the light fixture in the breakfast/kitchen area.

This large fleur de lis was purchased at Royal Standard.  We're not finished decorating the sideboard yet, but I had to show a picture of the large fleur de lis.

A table at the entrance of the house. 

Here's a picture of the buffet in the dining room.  That's a picture of my youngest sister when she was a debutaunte with a Mardi Gras krewe.  That's also her crown on the left. Mom hot glued masks to the candlesticks.

And finally the chandelier in the dining room.


  1. April! You did an AWESOME job! I'm going to have to share with Lindsey, she's hosting a shower in 2 weeks with the Mardi Gras theme.

  2. Oooo! I love your chandelier! I was just thinking of Mardi Gras decorations yesterday. Thanks for linking this up! I have a new found love for feathers...did you see the feather skirt I made? I think I want to make my daughter one with mardi gras boas for her costume this year!

  3. I love it all! The front door is great, especially the bows under the gas lamps. I'm feeling like I need to get out and decorate now!

  4. Thanks so much for showing me your decorations and for the Mardi Gras ideas! They are fantastic. I really love your front arch. So amazing! Thanks again!