Friday, November 26, 2010

Etsy Finds - Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

I really need napkin rings for Thanksgiving next year.  Thinking about purchasing one of these.


Maybe I need to take a beading class.  I think I need more glitz.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Tips

We had such a fantastic Thanksgiving today.  I can't believe how less stressed I was this year - no tears, no frozen bird, everything was ready at one time. FANTASTIC!  It was so good to have the family over, the food was delicious, and the best part - my Mother-In-Law and Aunt did ALL of the dishes for me!!

A few things that helped me prepare for having the major holiday at my house.
1.  Taking the week off of work. Not only was I able to get a lot of preparation done, I was able to hang out with my Mom.  We did most of her Christmas shopping Tuesday and had fun going out to lunch.  We'll be decorating her house for Christmas the rest of this weekend.

2.  Cleaning most of the house the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Since it took me 3-4 hours to clean each room of the house, I never would have gotten everything cleaned.  I was able to do just quick general cleaning last night and the house looked really good.
3.  Going to the grocery store at 6AM.  I had to make a few trips to the store and all were made EARLY in the morning.  No lines, great parking space
4.  Lists, lists, lists.  Making lists and a schedule for everything really helped.  I had cleaning lists, shopping lists, cooking lists, and lists of things I wanted to do this week.  The only thing I haven't done on my list - clean my sewing room.  Will tackle that tomorrow.
5.  My Mother.  I can't begin to tell you how much she helped me.  Making an appetizer, cornbread dressing, letting me borrow chairs, serving pieces, etc., going shopping with me, and countless other things.  It was also so great to see her be able to spend time with her grandchildren instead of cooking in the kitchen.  I was really happy to be able to host Thanksgiving to give her a break and for her to be able to enjoy the holiday.

6.  And of course, my husband.  I can't thank him enough for putting up with all my crazy planning and demands for the holiday.  When he realizes something is important to me, he gets the job done.  He was able to schedule the new window installation and make sure they were done before the holiday. (Last year he made sure all of the remodeling was done before Thanksgiving)  He helped me with the cleaning, did a superb job frying the turkey, and was just all around helpful.  Not sure if he realized when he married me that we'd be hosting Thanksgiving.  He's completely opposite me - so quiet, laid back and more of a hermit.  He's never complained about hosting the family or tried to talk me out of taking over this holiday.  (I think he actually enjoys having everyone over). 

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!  Time for some rest.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Start now - Christmas Cards

It’s never too early to start planning your Christmas cards.  I love receiving Christmas cards and I keep all of them that I receive.  I love how Christmas cards are a reflection of the person that sent them.  I can always expect a religious card from my Nannie and a family photo card from my brother in law.  The most amazing card I received was from my sister in law, an artist, she turned one of her paintings into cards.  The painting was of her daughter playing in the snow.

Since I lost all of my addresses when my hard drive crashed, I’ve been collecting addresses for a couple of weeks.  My Christmas card list is finally done.  Now I just need to pick the perfect card to send!
Luckily, Shutterfly makes this EXTREMELY easy!  I’ve had a Shutterfly account for years and have ordered pictures and custom photobooks.  I store all of my pictures in my account, which really came in handy when my hard drive crashed.  I was able to order a CD of all my pictures (two CD’s).  I didn’t lose a single picture!  

I’m thinking of making a card from one of these pictures or maybe a combination of the pictures.  (btw - how cool is this feature - I just selected pictures from my photo album and hit "post to blog", you can also post to your FB account)

Take a look at all of the cards they have to offer - holiday cards, photo cards, and personalized Christmas cards.

Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly. Learn more:

Rockin' 60's

We celebrated my Nannie's 60th Birthday this weekend.  I just hope I have 1/2 of her energy when I'm her age.  It was a fantastic party!  We all had so much fun and it was amazing to see how happy my aunt was all night.  Her smile was worth all the planning and hard work for the past month.

My grandmother's brother and my grandfather's sister both came to the party.  It's been 13 years since my grandmother passed away and about 7 years since my grandfather passed, so it was wonderful seeing them and catching up with them.  My great uncle Cajun waltzed with me - something I will never forget.

Me & the Birthday Girl

Nannie's husband & I

Nannie and her Grandkids

My husband & I

Ambrosia Bakery made the cake - I made the red velvet cake balls

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Garden

Planted my fall garden yesterday.   I was covered from head to toe in dirt!  I planted

Dusty Miller



 I also did a few container plants with marigolds and some other yellow/orange flowers that I found for only $1.  Will post pictures as soon as my garden starts to grow.  Although, my husband just informed me this evening that it could reach 90 degrees this week.  Ugh!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Friday, I took my sister and her kids to the Ms. Heather's Pumpkin  Patch
There was SO much to do...A few of the things we did:

Zip line
Jumping Pillow
Tunnel Slide - the fastest slide ever!
Farm Animals
Duck Racing
Cotton Growing
 Hay Maze 
Nature Trail 
Picnic Lunch

And a few of my favorite pictures.

Friday, October 15, 2010

2 Down, 3 to Go

I'm sewing aprons for our cooking class tomorrow.  Every year we dress up for our Gifts of Food cooking class.  In the past we've had Santa aprons and elf aprons.  This year, since our class is in October and no one could make a decision, we were not going to dress up.  But after seeing the scrapbook my aunt put together of all of our past classes, I knew we had to dress as something.  After I saw this wicked apron pattern, I knew I had to make these for everyone.

I'm pretty impressed that I've been able to get these done so quickly.  Monday, I shopped for fabric and washed/ironed it when I got home.  Tuesday, I cut all the fabric out.  Had a headache Wednesday, so didn't do much.  Last night I put one together and I just finished a 2nd one.  All of the pieces are sewn together, I just need to sew the pieces together.

I made a few changes - I used ribbon instead of making the ties from fabric.  So that changed how to attach the skirt to the bodice.  This is also the first time I've ever gathered. But now I'm a pro at gathering!  Gathering 5 skirts and 5 flounces will give you enough practice!

Take a look, but Shhhhh... they are surprises for everyone.

Etsy Finds (and Internet Finds) - Owls

I'm making this for my sister's Halloween costume this year.  Shouldn't take long to cut out feathers and sew them onto a tank style dress.

 From AlphaMom

I purchased this macrame owl necklace for my sister.  macraMe is in Argentina - took a few weeks to get the necklace here, but great prices on the necklace and shipping.  The detail in the necklace is amazing!

And a couple of blogs

The Eclectic Owl -  Not all about owls, just a cool blog about fashion, crafts, and design (even though she's an Alabama fan!)

My Owl Barn - for all owl lovers.  I especially love her freebie - Rainbow Owls

Thursday, October 14, 2010

House Remodel - Kitchen

My second installment about our house remodel - the Kitchen
Before Pictures: See the horrible red cabinets! Not sure if you can tell in the pictures, but the walls were a sponged yellow color.  Not even a good faux painting!  Hideous!  Some of these pictures are actually AFTER we did the floors, guess I didn't think about taking real Before pictures.

Remodeling Pictures:  One weekend we decided to scrape up the linoleum in the kitchen.  Once we started, we couldn't stop.  It was the longest, most disgusting, and most painful process.   

After Pictures: We used the same color for the walls and cabinets and changed the hardware.  This weekend, we are changing the ceiling fan over the dining nook to a "new" light (from my mother's house).  I still have some decorating to do - I just can't bring myself to hang anything on the walls or choose any colors

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I must be crazy!

OK, someone stop me.  I'm also signing up for an ultra-marathon relay race!  126 miles along the levee from Baton Rouge to New Orleans.

You know it's bad when they try to sell the relay with "Imagine you and a group of your closest friends (or new friends) running down the longest river in America, living in a van for a day, smelling each other’s funk, and partying it up in New Orleans. We have no doubt that it’s an experience you’ll never forget."

Each member of the 6 person team will run 5 legs averaging around 4 miles per leg. As one person is running, the others are partying it up in the van.

This ultramarathon is the brain child of my half marathon coach - Denver Benton.  Check out his website - in addition to running training classes, he offers bootcamps and bridal fitness.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I did it

I signed up for the half marathon again!  February 13, 2011.  This time I'm going to train.