Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Skeleton Wreath with Light Up LED Eyes

I apologize to the person who originally posted this idea somewhere in blog land. I made these wreaths last year and cannot find the link to the original idea.  My husband helped me tweak the concept so his eyes would light up!!

Found the original link - Meg from Mega Spooky. Here's a picture of her original wreath.

And here are pictures of my creation.


We begin with a bag of bones which can be purchased at any speciality costume shop. The bones are made of Styrofoam.  Now just arrange the bones in a circular pattern and glue them together! I laid the larger bones down first as a base and then used the smaller bones as connectors.  I tried every type of adhesive for the bones - speciality Styrofoam glue, monkey glue, and finally good ol' hot glue worked the best. 
This bag photo links to HSN which is selling them for $39!! I bought mine for under $10, but they were on sale.  I suggest waiting until after Halloween if they are super expensive!

We found these plastic light up masks at a costume shop for $5.

When opened, you can easily remove the LED lights and battery pack using an exact-o knife.

 My husband loves Liquids Nails and used that to glue the LED lights inside the foam skull of the wreath and attach the battery pack and a hanger to the back of the wreath.

TaDa! Don't you love his blinking eyes!

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  1. That is awesome! I love the light up eyes. :) Thanks for linking up to my Halloween party!

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