Monday, June 27, 2011

Quick and easy dinner

Saturday, we went to Lafayette and Milton. I practically lived there during the summer at my grandparents house.  We also went every Sunday during football season to watch the Saints games that were blacked out in Baton Rouge, but not in Lafayette. 

We went to Keller's Bakery to pick up a few sweets.  We would stop by there every Sunday on the way to to my grandparents house and my mother worked there when she was young. We ate a delicious lunch at my grand-uncle's house - jambalaya, ribs, brisket, macque choux, and so much more!  We also drove by my grandparents old house and the cemetery before heading home. I was feeling a bit nostalgic when I stopped at Maxwell's to pick something up for dinner.  Not feeling like eating anymore meat, I decided to make Hitachi Shrimp. I can remember my mom making this and loving it.  The name Hitachi comes from the brand name of my mother's rice cooker.

2 cups rice
1/2 - 3/4 lb shrimp (small ones) peeled & deveined and seasoned
1 stick of butter, cut up
1 cup of chicken broth
chopped bell pepper & onions
salt & pepper to taste

Throw all of that in a rice cooker and hit cook.  When it dings, it's done.  Delicious!  This might not be the best picture, but I promise it's really good!

Hitachi Shrimp

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