Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Look at that Face!

Pictures of my niece that make me SMILE!  This is my youngest niece, B.  She's such the baby of the family and such a momma's baby.  She is permanently attached to my sister's hip. 

Finally this weekend - progress.  She's decided that she likes me, somewhat.  She actually said "Nannie" and shook her head yes, that she wanted me to hold her.  She also held my hand at the store and let me put her in the car seat.

This is the same child that buries her head into her mother's shoulder when she looks at me.  Cries whenever I try to pick her up.  And a few weeks ago started making this ugly, mad, squinchy face whenever she looks at me.

And here's a fun picture of my other niece, Princess S, and I making silly faces!

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