Monday, September 6, 2010

Going once, going twice, SOLD

I went to my first live auction today and it was a blast!  I met my mother and her friend SB this morning and we headed to Southern Heirs Auction House.  Southern Heirs is right outside of Baton Rouge in Walker, Louisiana.  We previewed the items for an hour or so then found our seats among the crowd. (Sorry the pictures aren't so good - I took them with my cell phone) 
 These were just two neat things I saw - loving the old singer sewing machine and the candelabra's remind me of Halloween.

That's my mom - if it wasn't for her I would never have bid & WON my first auction!  I got this fabulous gate leg mahogany table.  She kept nodding her head at the auctioneer after I got nervous about spending money & stopped bidding.  And he took each nod as a bid!

I'm a terrible cheapskate and a major returner.  If I can get over my initial apprehension to spend money, I'll return the item in a few days.

The auction for the table was hilarious - I turned to her and said "You're bidding! Stop nodding your head!  You're bidding!"  But as soon as we won the table, I was beside myself with excitement.  She always knows what's best for me and knew that I would love & use the table.

Hope everyone had a good labor day! Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.

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  1. I think the table's really cute! I would definitely use something like that in my house

  2. That table is so beautiful! I love going to the auction! I'm lucky enough that my grandparents live a few miles from one of the largest auction houses in the South - which could be good or bad, if you're my bank account :)