Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Menu: Dessert

Is it too early to start planning my Thanksgiving Menu?  There are only 58 days left until Thanksgiving. (see my handy dandy Thanksgiving countdown on the right)

Last year, we had pumpkin pies (store-bought), an Almond Joy cake, and a strawberry cake my cousin made (just like an Ambrosia strawberry cake, but Nikki's cake might even be better!).  The Almond Joy cake was a surprise and since everyone INSISTS on having pumpkin pie, I had my Aunt bring a couple. 

This year I'd like to make a dessert.  Here are my ideas.  Which one should I go with?  Actually we probably need at least 2 desserts.  Should I give in and just serve the pumpkin pie?

Pumpkin Trifle

Pecan Pie

I LOVE Chocolate, so maybe I should make these Mudslide Brownies

Or my ALL TIME FAVORITE, go-to dessert- Chocolate Praline Cake

Last year I also made these pumpkin cakes with a spiced cake mix as gifts (everyone got one as they were leaving).  They were terribly ugly and my hands were stained orange.  I'll have to think of some other "gift" this year.

Maybe I could make these as gifts...

Or these would be great for the kids


  1. Another pie recipe (for pumpkin lovers)...slightly similar to the truffle recipe...

  2. Thank you!! Is the double layer pumpkin pie a good substitute for regular pumpkin pie? I wonder if I'll hear people complain if I don't have regular pumpkin pie.

  3. Those are all so pretty and yummy looking!

    For my family's Thanksgiving, my mom makes this pie she calls Kentucky Derby - it's basically a pecan pie with chocolate chips and a splash of bourbon. Let me know if you'd like the recipe :) It's pretty easy and fantabulous.

    She also makes this thing called Death by Chocolate that involves a springform pan and seven different kinds of chocolate. It's pretty fabulous, too.

    About the pumpkin, my sweet tooth loves trying new things but at Thanksgiving dinner, it expects pumpkin pie in a homemade crust with real whipping cream. I guess old habits and/or traditions are hard to break.

    We tend to experiment more with desserts at Christmas. :)