Friday, August 5, 2011

FINALLY - Long Arm Quilting!

Ah-mazing! I quilted my first quilt (the very first quilt I made) on a long arm today!!!  I traveled to All Brands in Metairie for a private quilting class with Belinda V.  So worth my time and money.  I now have an excuse to continue quilting - I'll actually finish the quilts I start.  Right now I have 3 waiting to be quilted.

This quilt is for my niece and was made with the Hunky Dory Line by Chez Moi for Moda fabric.  This was my first quilt ever - I made it over a year ago.  I had just gotten my sewing machine and figured quilting & sewing were the same thing.  I just downloaded the pattern and started sewing.  There are so many problems with it.  I pressed the seams open.  I didn't know anything about chain piecing so I backstitched the entire quilt.  All the squares are a bit wonky.  I still haven't learned the lesson to square everything up before I stitch the blocks and rows together.  

Sewing quilt to leaders
Stretched on the frame

Rolling the quilt on the frame

Quilt sandwich on frame

Ready to begin

Close-up of quilting
The free motion swirls that I chose to quilt are so very forgiving.  The quilt top was filled with puckers but the pattern hides them easily. I even got adventurous towards the end of the quilt - I quilted her name & flowers into the quilt!  Besides all of my beginner's errors, I'm still very pleased with this quilt.  I hope my niece enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it for her. 

A little flower

mostly finished quilt - still needs the binding
Have a great weekend!


  1. So glad you had your first quilting session. Lovely quilt. Where do you live? I live in Amite, about 60 miles north of New Orleans. I shop at Mama's Quilt Shop in Independence. I just got thru telling her my next goal is to have her teach me to long-arm quilt. I am following your blog. Look forward to seeing more of what you do.

  2. great job on the first quilting your first quilt...looks fabulous....

    I am new to the sewing/quilting blogging, and am organizing a Christmas fabric swap and was wondering if you would be interested in joining in on the fun, if so you can read about it here at, Paula's Crafty Boutique.
    Happy quilting

  3. Congratulations on your quilt! I would love to someday own a long-arm quilter. For now, I use my Elna or give them to someone who does own a long-arm. Thanks for the pictures! Love your blog!