Friday, August 19, 2011

Quiet Book Sew Along - Week 2

Second week of  Stolen Moment's Quiet Book Sew Along. I'm working on two quiet books for Christmas
With my plan in hand, I started scouring the internet for templates.  There are so many wonderful ideas in cyber space!  I've gone crazy ordering items on Etsy.

I ordered the Colors Quiet Book kit from Turnbow Designs.  I started working on it last week.  I wanted to practice making a small book with all the pieces provided to me before I embarked on making 2 quiet books for Christmas.
It's turned out too cute! I still have to work on the flowers and sew a few more buttons on, but I'm leaning towards embroidering the flowers instead of trying to use my buttonhole on my sewing machine.  I can't get the buttonholes lined up in the middle of the flowers.

I've decided to embroider several of the designs.  I've found one embroidery designer that has several Bible Story quiet book pages.  I'm waiting to see if her designs will go on sale.  Another embroidery designer, Marge's Creations, has "paper" dolls.  I've ordered the Little Sister doll and she has a Little Brother design on her Yahoo Groups page that is free to download. Right now each doll/clothes design is 1/2 off! It was too good of a deal to pass up!

I cut all the pages out of muslin that I will need for the quiet books.
The Sew Along Schedule:
Fridays July 22nd-Sept 16th – Sharing Pages (this is 9 weeks for the pages of your quiet book, so for planning purposes you could take a week off, make one page a week, and have an 8 page quiet book. I’m planning on making a larger book, so will need to have a bit faster pace.)

Sept 22nd and Sept 30th – Construction and Reveal (putting the pages together and showing off the finished project)

I'm a bit behind but hope to complete the books by Sept 30th.

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  1. Wow! Those look like a lot of work! Good for you. :D