Monday, August 15, 2011


So how was everyone's weekend?  Too short? I had a great weekend. My replacement desk top arrived from Ikea Friday, so my husband and I put it together Friday evening. It's so nice to have a stable work surface

Of course Saturday was a morning of Garage Sales.  Got Christmas covered for my nieces - I found 2 cooking kits (includes spoons, rolling pins and cookbooks) for $5.  I'll put together a cooking basket for them and embroider aprons for them.  The plant lady was also having a sale again this weekend.  I picked up a few more plants - a morning glory tree, large leaf elephant ear, and a ginger plant.  We also purchased a couple dozen boiled crabs Saturday from Tony's Seafood.  They were incredible!  The full moon is this week and the crabs are full.  Makes me want to go buy a dozen more just thinking about them.

Sunday, we had a delicious brunch at Beausoleil Restaurant.  We just had to try their Bloody Mary - made with their own Bacon Infused Vodka. It was delicious with a very smoky flavor.

Yes, that is a piece of bacon in the glass

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend too.  Did you do anything fun? 
Have a great week at work!

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