Thursday, July 15, 2010

30 Day Shred

I decided to join Inspired Mess' 30 Day Shred Challenge.  I got up a little late this morning, but this workout was perfect - a little under 1/2 hour including warm-up and cool down.  I took it easy this morning.  I didn't do the workout with weights, but I could still feel it.  I was very scared that the exercises would be way too challenging.  Jillian kind of scares me.  I'll dig my weights out of the storage room tonight.  I love the straight forward exercises.  It feels that we hit every muscle group.  My husband and I just started jogging every other morning last week.  I'll have to get up extra early tomorrow to be able to do both in the mornings.

Thanks Jamie for giving me an excuse to open up a DVD that I've had for AT LEAST a year - possibly close to 2.