Friday, July 30, 2010

VACATION all I ever wanted

WooHoo!  We've made it to DC.  We spent yesterday traveling.  Our flight from Atlanta was delayed 4 hours due to the storms in DC.  We didn't arrive until 10 last night.  Actually we arrived at the airport around 9 but spent an hour waiting for an open gate.

I am having THE BEST birthday!  Highlights include - the tiny silver necklace from husband; Hawaiian doberge cake; fireworks; and Toyota sending me a coupon for a free oil change. And this morning I found out I was the winner of the CSN giveaway on Chic on the Cheap's blog!  A $60 giftcard!  happy dance, happy dance

It's so nice to be off of work.  We're headed to the White House tour and the Capitol tour this morning.   I'll post a few pictures this afternoon.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Glad you're there safely! Come back soon - can't wait to hear about your trip and get started on our project.

  2. Come over here and rub off some of that good luck on me!! I'm so happy you are having an amazing birthday. You deserve every bit of it!!! :)

  3. wait - you haven't heard the neatest part...we saw the President this morning! I'll blog about it later tonight - off to dinner.

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